Are you in need of a reliable and efficient chiller vehicle service in dubai for your perishable goods transportation needs? Our reliable 40-ton chiller van service is designed to provide you with the best solution for transporting your temperature-sensitive products to their destination while maintaining their freshness and quality. Our vehicle are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your goods are kept at the optimal temperature during transportation.

what is 40-ton chiller vehicle

A 40-ton chiller vehicle is a large refrigerated truck or trailer used for transporting perishable goods at low temperatures. The term “40-ton” refers to the vehicle’s carrying capacity, which is typically measured in tons. Chiller vehicles are commonly used in the food industry to transport products such as fresh produce, meats, dairy, and frozen goods. They are equipped with refrigeration systems that can maintain a consistent temperature inside the vehicle, ensuring that the goods remain fresh and safe for consumption during transport. These vehicles are often used for long-distance transport and are essential for ensuring the availability of fresh produce and other perishable goods in markets around the world.

Industries we serve

Our 40-ton chiller vehicle service in Dubai is suitable for a range of industries, including:

Food and beverage industry: 

Our service is perfect for transporting fresh produce, dairy products, meat, and other temperature-sensitive food items.

Pharmaceutical industry: 

We understand the importance of maintaining the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical products during transportation. Our vehicles are designed to provide the necessary temperature control and security for pharmaceutical goods.


We can transport flowers and plants in our temperature-controlled Chiller trucks, ensuring that they arrive at their destination fresh and vibrant.

Features of our 40-ton chiller van service

40-ton capacity: 

Our chiller trucks can carry large quantities of perishable goods, making them ideal for businesses with high-volume transportation needs.

Temperature-controlled environment: 

Our vehicles have temperature control capabilities, allowing us to maintain the temperature of your goods at the optimal level.

GPS tracking: 

We use GPS tracking technology to monitor the location and temperature of your goods throughout the transportation process.

24/7 service: 

We offer round-the-clock service to ensure that your goods are delivered on time and in optimal condition.

Trained drivers: 

Our drivers are experienced and trained in the handling of perishable goods, ensuring that your products are transported safely and efficiently.